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Ankota Partnerships & Alliances

Ankota partners with select, innovative companies to advance the vision of Healthcare Delivery Management (HDM) and rapidly enable the development of Healthcare Ecosystems.

Featured partnerships include:


Software Partnerships

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Ankota Telephony for Caretinuum

Easy. Efficient. Inexpensive...and now it's integrated with Caretinuum!

Ankota Telephony for Caretinuum is the only authorized, Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system for Mediware Caretinuum. Visit tracking and care plan reporting are critical functions of every home health care agency. Now, using any common phone with Ankota's integrated telephony module, Caretinuum customers can easily track visit arrival and departure times, measure care plan attainment, manage checklists, escalate issues for review, and more. Click here to learn more or to contact Ankota

Caregivers find the system easy to learn and use and typically only require a few minutes of training to be proficient. Providers improve operating efficiency by eliminating time sheets and other paper documentation, and realize immediate cash benefits by being able to calculate billing and payroll instantly. Gone are the days of collecting and processing paper time sheets and documentation. 



Mobile Devices & Service Plans

Mobile Devices for HME and Home Health Companies

Barcoding Inc. is Ankota’s preferred partner for wireless and mobility solutions, delivering and capturing information at the point of care and asset tracking for equipment, staff and patients. At the point of care, Barcoding mobility devices & solutions can cut the time clinicians spend filling out forms and performing administrative tasks, giving them more time to spend with patients. Together, Ankota’s Healthcare Delivery Management (HDM) technology and Barcoding’s mobility solutions ensure efficient electronic workflow for mobile healthcare workers and reduce operating costs for providers.

Click here to learn more about mobile devices and service plans for HME and Home Health Agencies

Telehealth & Home Monitoring

BeClose - Ankota Partnership

BeClose provides Home Health Care and Private Duty Agencies with wireless at-home monitoring while providing additional oversight to aging adults. Ankota’s goal is to continually improve patient care while decreasing healthcare delivery costs. BeClose allows them to do just that by delivering remote monitoring technology that helps caregivers stay in close touch with their loved ones who are aging in place. Families can get real time data, set parameters around daily activities, and gain an accurate sense of what is going on in the home or if a patient is in need – even when no one is there.

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