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Have You "Mystery Shopped" Your Home Care Agency

Home Care Agencies with a Marketing Rep Earn $700K More Per Year

How To Increase Profits With A Homecare Start-up

Using Video to Enhance Conversions on Your Home Care Web Site

Home Care Can Help Protect Seniors from Phone Scams

National Association of Home Care (NAHC) Proposes New Positioning "Healthcare at Home"

Voice Interfaces are Simplifying Technology for the Elderly

What You Need to Know For A Successful Homecare Agency Start-Up

Services for the Elderly & Home Care are the Fastest Growing Industries

Home Care Growth Projected at 7.8% Per Year by Grand View Research

Hospitals Can Benefit From Home Care Partners for New Bundled Payments

What is Population Health Management (PHM)?

A Valuable Reference for Home Care to Understand Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Healthcare and Home Care Worker Shortage is Becoming Highly Problematic

Healthcare Reform Can Be Funded With Reduction In Overkill, per Dr. Atul Gawande

The 3 Things That Bring Traffic to Your Home Care Website are Content, Content, and Content

Don’t Turn a Deaf Ear to Unusual Requests for In Home Care Services

10 Elderly Care Technologies to Watch per the Huffington Post

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How to Start a Home Health Agency in Today’s Competitive Marketplace

The Compelling Need for Private Duty Care After Hospital Discharge

Home Care Agencies That Track Their Referrals Earn 20% More Than Those Who Don't

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Home Care Owners Can Use News Feeds and LinkedIn Pulse to Keep from Falling Behind

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Tech Enabled Home Care is Coming - Here's Some Proof

US Senate Inquires about the Merits of Aging in Place Technology for Elder Care

5 Hard Lessons in Home Health Transformation - Preparing for the Future of Home Care

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6 Ingredients for a Successful Care Transitions Initiative

Protect and Grow Your Home Care Agency via Care Transitions

3 Ways Your Home Care Agency can "Go Green" and Save the Environment

Need to Decrease Hospital Readmission Rates? Use Online Education for Healthcare Aides

Meeting the Needs of a Very Special Home Care Agency in New Orleans

5 Ways Home Care Can Drive Better Engagement Between Clients and their Physicians

Home Care Software Geek Explains the Importance of Mobile Friendly Websites

4 Important Questions Answered About Medicaid and Aging in Place

2 Steps for Selling Your Home Care Agency's Care Transition Services to Hospitals

Does Your Home Care Web Site Accept Referrals?

mHealth Spot Interview with Ankota Co-Founder Ken Accardi

AARP Forecasts Significant Caregiver Shortage as Baby Boomers Age

Do You Have Strong Landing Pages on Your Home Care Agency Web Site?

5 Home Care Marketing Tips from Ginny Kenyon

The Superfood Super Guide for Super Seniors

Winter Weather Watch List - Caring for Your Senior This Winter

Proof That Non-Medical Home Care Aides Can Significantly Reduce Hospitalizations

Coming Home From the Hospital is Dangerous: Home Care Transitions is the Answer

Home Care Software Geek Explains the Importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

13 Habits for Improving Home Care Marketing and Sales Performance

Taking Responsibility for Reductions in Hospital Readmissions: Be Careful!

5 Business Books Every Home Care Owner Should Read

How to Choose a Reputable In-Home Caregiver via Griswold Home Care

What Does It Mean to be a Home Care Nurse or Aide?

Home Care Software Geek Shares Forbes Top 10 Tech Trends for 2015

Three Tips to Make Homes Easier for Home Care Aides to Keep Clean

The Future of Healthcare Tech - Interview by

What Can Home Care Learn From a Pizza Shop In Singapore?

5 Tips for Providing Better Alzheimer's Care from Dr. Carson Benner

The Washington Post Says That Google and Apple Want to be Our Doctor

Navigating HealthCareLand - A Cool Slide from Disney's Chief Physician

Health Care Spending and the Opportunity for Home Care

The Real Nurse Jackie Shares Life Lessons With Our Home Care Readers

6 Ways To Prep Your Home Care Agency for 2015 from Ginny Kenyon

Happy Holidays from Ankota!

Kaiser Shares That 2,610 Hospitals Will Be Penalized $428MM for Readmissions

Many Seniors Report Disabilities: What Can We Learn From This?

Walgreens Positioning to Be a Major Health Care Information Hub

Home Care Social Media Really Matters - Here are the Numbers

5 Steps to Recruiting Quality Home Health Aides from Ginny Kenyon

6 Tips for Success in Home Care From Stephen Tweed

7 Home Care Entrepreneur Beliefs That Can Make You Unhappy

Home Care Software Geek Explains Agile Software Development

3 Statistics Showing Growth in the Home Care Industry

4 Home Care Marketing Myths

Home Care Software Geek Uncovers Facebook's Plans in Health Care

Home Care Software Geek Probes Google’s Healthcare Intentions

9 Ways to Make Your Telephony Roll-Out a Success

4 Ways to Differentiate Your Home Care Business

6 Fall Activities for the Elderly and Caretakers

Care Transitions Program Delivers $3.30 for every $1 spent

7 Reasons Why Smartphones are the new Telephony

10 Steps to Starting a Non-Medical Home Care Agency

3 Ways Working in Home Care has Affected My Life

Home Care Software Geek Explains Software Releases

An Accessible Home Doesn’t Have to be a Boring Home

An In-Depth Look into Ankota's Non-Medical Home Care Software

3 Reasons Why a Good Title is the Most Important Item in Your Home Care Blog Article

4 Reasons to Beef Up Your Home Health Aide Training

Home Care Leadership Styles: Simon Cowell or Chef Ramsay?

5 Key Strategies for Winning in Home Care

Home Care can Disrupt Healthcare with Care Transition Services

Identifying Risk Factors for Hospital Readmissions in Stroke Patients

Care Transition Program Differentiates Home Care Company

8 Apps That Can Reduce Readmissions

8 Steps You Can Take to Prevent Avoidable Readmissions

A 4 Step Recipe for Home Care to Advance the Triple Aim

4 Ways to Prevent Hospital Readmissions

5 Cutting-Edge Aging in Place Technologies for Seniors and Retirees

3 Reasons to Institute a Home Health Aide Training Program

Reduce Hospital Readmissions by Seeing Patient on Discharge Day

How Can Home Health Profit From Readmission Penalties?

Is Home Health Missing the Boat on its Biggest Opportunity?

5 Mistakes For Home Care Entrepreneurs to Avoid

Will the Top 6 Components of a Home Health Visit Change in 10 Years?

7 Secrets for Recruiting Quality Home Care Sales Agents

Ankota Partner iGetBetter Helps Patients Comply With Their Care Plans

7 Tips for Marketing Your Home Care Agency with Public Speaking

Is Medicare trying to Kill Home Health and Hospice Agencies?

Top News Sources Call for Healthcare / Home Care Tech Disruption

Care Transitions Coaching Available by Applying to BOOST

Community Demographics are a Key Indicator of Care Transition Success

Will Fingerprinting be a Deterrent Against Home Health Fraud?

Putting the Wind Back Into Your Home Care Sales

Pharmacist-Led Care Transitions: Good or Bad for Home Health?

Care Transitions Must-Read: Raising the Bar for Elderly Care At Home

Four Challenges for Home Care Start-ups (and How to Overcome Them)

NPR is Singing from the Care Transitions Hymnal: Beth-Israel Boston

Home Care Marketing - Make Your Phone Ring!

Home Health Should Keep the Elderly out of the Emergency Room

Inappropriate Home Health Referrals and Billing Lead to Convictions

CMS Readmission Penalties for Dummies

5 Warning Signs of Home Health Agency Start-up Failure

US Health Care not measuring up on Life Expectancy and Cost

Increasing the Odds of Care Transition Success

The Secret to Making Your Home Care Web Site a Great Marketing Tool

Demonstration Blog Post

Patient Inputs used to Improve Care Transitions Success

Top 10 Health Care Issues and Opportunities for 2014

What Makes Your Private Duty Agency Special

Home Health Playing Larger Role in Post Acute Care Transitions

Health Care Professionals Getting Serious about Avoiding Readmissions

NTOCC Care Transitions Webinar Recording Now Available

How Hospitals Can Do Better at Preventing Readmissions

Hospital to Home Focus Reduces Readmissions

CMS Moves to Protect Oxygen Delivery When Businesses Fail

Happy National Physical Therapy Month!

SNL Obamacare Skit Featuring Breaking Bad's "Jessie Pinkman"

Physical Therapy Virtual Conferences Provide CEUs

New Report Shows Population Health Management Reduces Risk and Costs

The Digital Revolution Will Create Better Health Care, Even at Home

Home Care Software Geek Browser Update, Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari

Ankota on Health Care Compliance

The Picture of Health and the Rise of Care Coordination Models

Home Care Software Geek Prediction about Droid Came True

A Silver Lining for HME Providers per Dave Cormack, Brightree Chief

Therapy Agency Marketing: Using "About Us"

How to Make Your Home Care Blog Delicious

Care Coordination Reduces ER Visits and Lowers Costs in Oregon

Social Work Reduces Avoidable Readmissions by Half

One Thing Successful Home Care Leaders Must Never Do!

5 Ways to get Fantastic Support from your Home Care Software Vendor

Patient Centered Medical Home Needs to Become More Patient Centered

Rising Rate of Family Caregiving Driving Home Care Automation

TED Says Move 50% of Health Care from Hospital to Home

Are No Two Home Care Agency's Invoices Alike?

Changing Private Duty Software Isn't As Hard as You Think!

AARP Video: The Lost Generation Views Aging

What My Cats Taught Me About Home Care

Are Avoidable Readmissions Improving Already?

Community Based Care is Effective for Substance Abuse Population

Entrepreneurs Growing Private Duty Home Care

Talking Care Coordination with Cheri Lattimer of CMSA, NTOCC

Developing New Management in the Era of Accountable Care

20 New Community Based Care Transitions Initiatives Added

Bill Threatens 40% Cut to Care Transitions Funding

New Opportunities for Home Health Care Delivery Models

ACOs Now Total 428 as Growth Continues

Patient Centered Medical Home and Community Based Care Models

Philips Healthcare Address to the HME Industry

The State of Physical Therapy in 2013

Compliance and the Business Associate Agreement under HITECH

5 Things I Didn't Learn in Physical Therapy School

Care Transitions Program Reduces Costs and Hospital Stays

Pharmacists and Hospitals Partner to Reduce Readmissions

6 Steps to Reducing Readmissions with Care Coordination

Health Care's Trillion Dollar Disruption and Why You Should Care

Attitude Determines Success Even in Health Care Delivery

APTA Seeks Ideas for NPTM "Fit After Fifty" Campaign

Using LinkedIn for Physical Therapy Businesses

Is Physical Therapy Ready for Innovation & Integration?

Top 10 Health Care Issues for 2013

Is Your Software Strategic to Your Physical Therapy Business?

The Case for Social Media in Accountable Care

Hospitals Face Severe Penalties for Avoidable Readmissions

Does Accountable Care Create Sustainable Innovation?

Ten Myths of Health Care Reform

Is Medical Home A Solution to Chronic Disease?

Patient Centered Medical Home to Support the Elderly

Transitional Care Improves Patient Outcomes

Can Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Solve the Fiscal Cliff?

Learning at the National Accountable Care Expo

Simple Steps to Getting Through Email

Home Care Heroes of Hurricane Sandy

HR Guide for Home Care, Post Acute Providers in Natural Disasters

Most Seniors' ER Visits Avoidable: Another Call for Home Care

Managing Post Acute Care Operations in a Storm

10 Qualities of a Successful Physical Therapist

5 Steps for Breaking the Ice with Patients in Therapy & Home Care

4 Steps for Home Care to Reduce Readmissions

5 Things No One Told Me Before I Launched an ACO

Why Is Physical Therapy So Important?

The Dalai Lama's Lessons for ACOs & Post Acute Care

Accountable Care Must Learn from Other Industries

Care Transitions: Moveable Feast wins Henrietta Lacks Memorial Award

CMS Penalties for Avoidable Readmissions Have Started

Population Health IT for ACOs

In Home Care: The Times They are A-Changing

Care Coordination: Medical Home Model Delivers Results

Accountable Care Organizations, Explained

Penalties for Avoidable Readmissions Loom in October 2012

Home Care Inspirational Quotes from Boyd and Nicholas

Home Care Aide shortage coming back

Will You Survive All The Home Health Changes?

Hospitals Look to Home Care In Cutting Patient Readmissions

Will HMEs Survive Competitive Bidding?

Home Care Alert! Surviving An Audit

Best Practices for Managing Dementia/Alzheimer's in Home Care

What Home Care Employees Need the Most

Storm Watch: Managing Care Transitions & Home Care In A Storm

Healthcare Cost Cutting Hinges On IT

Home Care Software Can Learn from the Mars Curiosity Rover

Does your home care start-up have the right personalities to thrive?

More Common Sense About Accountable Care & Healthcare Reform

The Common Sense Explanation of Accountable Care


How The Supreme Court's Decision Impacts Transitional Care

What the Supreme Court Ruling on Obama Care means for Home Care

Reducing Avoidable Hospitalizations With Home Health Care

Starting a Home Care Agency can cost $80K and Home Health $350K

Protecting Patient Data: Risk Management Education Series

Improving Care for Patients Requires Better Care Coordination

The Future of Healthcare Delivery Management: A Must Read

One-Third of Hospitals Will Close by 2020

How Will the PCMH Model Work?

Care Coordination and Checklists are How We Heal Health Care

Home Care Software Geek shares some internet tips

Supreme Court Upholds Healthcare Reform: News & Obama's Response

Management Lessons in Health Care: Keeping Cool in a Crisis

Performance Improvement in Managing Care Transitions

Assumptions on In-House Home Health Agencies Debunked

Home Care Software Geek Explains Why Google Chrome is # 1 Browser

The Fallacy of The Satisfied Home Care Customer

Crafting the Home Care Mission Statement

Employers Look to Direct Contract with Doctors, What about Home Care

Why Mom wants to Live at Home

Risk Management: Patient Data and Your Liability

The Top Ten Competencies of a Highly Effective Home Care Leader

Future of Home Care Technology - Research Survey

Health IT, EMRs & EHRs Falling Short in Accountable Care

Occupy Health Street: Health Care's Top 1% (the Chronically Costly)

Ankota's Risk Management Education Program for Post-Acute Care

Home Care Staffing Best Practices from Ginny Kenyon

6 Lessons for Home Health Care from Fifty Shades of Gray?!?

Home Care Software Geek checks whether seniors use the Internet

Inspector General: Fraud Vacating DME

Home Care Culture of Excellence Starts with 1 Question

NPDA Is In The Private Home Care Social Media Conversation

Are you a Remarkable Home Care Boss?

Seniors Resource Is In The Private Care Social Media Conversation

Six Key Technologies to Support Accountable Care

Accountable Care to Force Hospitals to Close

It might take 39 failures to ultimately succeed in Home Care Is In The Private Home Care Social Media Conversation

Expert Alzheimer's and Dementia Advice for Home Caregivers

Home Care Software Geek Introduces Google Glass

Senior Living News is in the Home Care Social Media Conversation

What can Health Care (& Home Care) Learn from the Newspaper Industry

21 Points That Make for Good Clinicians in Post Acute Care

Home Care Recruitment / Retention Best Practices from Easy Living

Home Care Software Geek Shares 5 Key Technologies for the Elderly

Boomer to Boomer is in the Home Care Social Media Conversation

Should Home Care Be the New Hospital?

The Boomer Summit is in the Home Care Social Media Conversation

"In the Words" of Home Health Care Leaders

Aging in Place Tech is in the Home Care Social Media conversation

Home Care Software Geek: Smart Phones outnumber Traditional Cells

Social Networking and Private Duty: How To Join The Conversation

Home Care Leadership Redefined

Building Home Care Relationships: Social Networking vs. Face-To-Face

Is Overtime Pay for Home Health Aides a Good or a Bad Idea?

Home Care and Social Networking: Have We Figured It Out Yet?

Home Care will create 1.3 million American Jobs from 2010 - 2020

Home Care Blogging: Why and How

How Should Home Care Hack-proof your Passwords?

Working in Home Care enlightened me on Long Term Care Insurance

Firing Home Healthcare Staff: The 10 Worst Things You Can Say

Home Care Software Geek explains what we can learn from Facebook

Good Communication in Home Care is about Listening!!!

Leading Home Care launches video series for Private Duty Care

Home Care Dilemma: Why I'm Glad I'm Not Bill Dombi

Mobile Health App Market to grow 70%+ in 5 years

Can Your Home Care Agency Help Prevent Delirium?

Geriatric Care Management: Improving Hospital Discharge

Home Care Can Create Jobs and Careers...

Home Care Predictions for 2012 - What do you think?

New Strategies for Competition in Home Health - from Ginny Kenyon

How To Improve HME Delivery Management NOW

"Up to One-Third of Health Spending Is Waste" - Home Care Update

Home Care Software Geek Unveils the Big Tech Failures of 2011

Ankota's 3rd Annual Happy Holidays Video

Avoiding Readmissions: Incentive for ACOs, Home Health and Hospitals

Home Care Can Stymie the Readmission Revolving Door

The Best Home Care Leaders are good at Seeing the Big Picture

If Home Care Gets Involved in Bundled Payments Does it Work?

Nursing and Home Care are the key to the Future of Healthcare

Choosing the Best Elder Care for Your Loved One

A Novel Home Care Approach to Avoiding Hospitalizations

How would a Home Health Nurse Reform Healthcare?

A Home Care Checklist for Good Dementia Care

Redefining Private Duty Home Care for the New Economy

Home Care Software for the iPad and the Mac

Billy Graham's New Book Offers Compelling Perspective on Elderly Care

Oral Health Care a Huge Home Care Opportunity

Fall Prevention Can Be the most Critical Home Care Delivery

The Easiest Way To Prioritize - NOW.

Home Care Goal Setting: A lesson from a Father and Son

Home Care Can Dramatically Reduce Health Care Costs - Here's Proof!

Will Home Care Unionize?

Home Care Start-up Best Practices: Systematize Internal Operations

ACO's - Final Regulation​s Issued: Home Care Coordination Needed

Three things Home Care should Know about Connected Health

Smartphones and Tablets will be the leading Home Care Mobile Devices

Care Coordination Opportunities for Home Care & Home Health

Care Coordination & Community Based Care Programs

How NOT to buy Home Care Software

Healthcare Software - Security and the Cloud

Include Care Coordination in Your Next Home Care Technology Update

Home Care SEO: Making Home Care Web Sites Better

Home Care Blogging

Justification for Care Coordination between Hospitals & Home Care

Making Technology Simple for Seniors

5 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong in Home Care Social Media Marketing

Therapy & Home Health Agencies: 5 Tips for Securing Tablets & Laptops

Home Care Software Geek Shares Industry predictions from John Halamka

How to Start a Home Care Business: The Fundamentals

Home Health Therapy: PT/OT Home Exercise Programs

Home Care Software Geek shares Social Media Time Saver called Roost

Home Care Technology Reality Check Courtesy of Jason Tweed

The Best Way to Measure Home Care Quality

Elderly Care is "The Unpoken Crisis in America"

Home Care Veteran Launches "Support for Caregivers" Blog

Home Care should "Deliver Best what your Customers Value Most"

Elderly Care 101: What options exist for Senior Care?

Home Care is Talking about Social Media: Point and Counterpoint

5 Percent of the Population Accounts for 50% of Health care costs

Two Ways Home Care is Reforming Health Care

10 Ways to Network for Success in Home Care

Study Shows that Non-Medical Home Care Reduces Healthcare Costs

Grow your Home Care Business with Concierge Services

Eliminate work that wastes time - A home health therapy case study

12 Great Movie Quotes for Home Care Entrepreneurs

Not Sure About Home Care Social Media? Dip your toe...

Hospitals to Patients, "Get Out-Don't Come Back!" Solution? Home Care

Home Care 100 Roundtable Sets Industry Strategic Direction

Home Care Startup Lessons Learned from Ginny Kenyon

Moving Home Care to the Cloud

Selling Home Health to Hospitals, ACOs & Other Healthcare Facilities

Three Home Care Technologies that Families are Ready to Embrace

Ankota Celebrates National Nurses Week!!

Six Home Care Social Media email newsletters to Learn From

TeleCaregiving in Home Care Demystified by BeClose President

Home Health Care Paradigm Change: A New Dream (by Ginny Kenyon)

Home Care plus TeleCaregiving can be Winning Combination

Veterans Administration Awards $1.38B in Telehealth Contracts

Update on Mediware's Announced Acquisition of CareCentric

Ankota Shares HME News Most Read Stories

Home Care will be at the heart of Health Care Reform

Don't Let Being a Home Care Exec Melt You Down

Inspiration, Creation, and Innovation in Home Health Care

Must discharge planners offer Home Health Choices?

Home Care Software Geek update on the Smart Phone Situation

Listening for the real concerns is the Key to Home Care Sales

Elder Care Best Practice? or Lesson Learned from China

How Much "Selling Time" Does a Home Care Sales Person Spend Each Day?

Top Reasons Home Care Workers should take Clients for a Walk today

Home Health Prediction: 2011 will be the Year of Therapy

Home Care Software Geek Demystifies Cloud Computing

Home Health and Hospice Executives: It’s Lonely at the Top

Sell Home Health to Physicians in Order to Grow, per Stephen Tweed

The Superbowl of Home Care!

Top 10 Best Practices in Home Care - shared by Merrily Orsini

Home Care Leadership: Lessons from Egypt

Ankota's Book of the Year: The Checklist Manifesto

Need to Educate Home Care Workers about Technologies that Can Help

Overcoming Compassion Fatigue is Critical for Home Care Workers

Challenges for Home Health Care in 2011

Opportunities for Home Health Care in 2011

Home Care Nurses Don't Know Everything...

Managing Home Care in a Snow Emergency

Create a Culture of Learning in Home Health Care & HME

Laurie Orlov's Aging in Place 2010 Recap provides Home Care Insight

Happy Holidays from Ankota: Check out our wacky video!

For Home Care, the way forward requires you to think like a start-up

Scientists Acknowledge the Need for Home Health Care

Everyone Counts in Home Health Care, Too.

Steve Jobs from Apple can teach more to Home Care: A Sequel

Home Care Agencies Need Insurance for Employee Cars

Can Steve Jobs from Apple teach Home Care how to make presentations?

Give your Home Care Workers Wireless Air Cards with No Monthly Fee

What Can Home Health Care & HME's Learn From Netflix?

A Hearty Home Care Happy Thanksgiving from Ankota

Maryland National Capital Home Care Assocation Conference Photo Album

Cutting Home Care Budgets Defies Logic

Highlights of the NYS Home Care Providers Conference

Are you ready for Exponential Growth in Private Duty Home Care?

Home Care Software Geek introduces Google Trends

How Much Do Home Care, Assisted Living, & Nursing Home Care Cost?

Ankota Happy Halloween Video for our Home Care Friends

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