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Kaiser Shares That 2,610 Hospitals Will Be Penalized $428MM for Readmissions

By | on 17, Dec 2014 |   Care Coordination Payments Care Coordination transitional care Care Transitions kaiser medicare readmission penalties

Kaiser Health News has graciously allowed us to republish their article disclosing CMS Readmision Penalties for 2015.  Without further adieu, here's the article: 

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Care Transitions Coaching Available by Applying to BOOST

By | on 01, May 2014 |   Readmissions Care Coordination transitional care Care Transitions

I came across an interesting care transitions success story out of Houston via this article published on the website www.the-hospitalist.org.    Unlike most similar articles that explain the changes t[...]

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Pharmacist-Led Care Transitions: Good or Bad for Home Health?

By | on 15, Apr 2014 |   Readmissions Care Coordination transitional care Care Transitions

Walgreens Pharmacy has instituted a pharmacist-led care transitions program called WellTransitions® and they are posting impressive results.  According to a Business Wire Press Release on April 4th, 2[...]

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Care Transitions Must-Read: Raising the Bar for Elderly Care At Home

By | on 13, Apr 2014 |   Elderly Care Health Care Reform Care Coordination thought leadership transitional care home monitoring

I generally read fifteen to twenty articles about advancements in elderly care each week, then I choose the two that I believe will be most interesting to the Ankota blog audience (mostly home health [...]

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Increasing the Odds of Care Transition Success

By | on 26, Feb 2014 |   Readmissions Care Coordination Care Coordination transitional care transitional care Care Transitions

For the most part, care transition success is a combination of caregiver skill and a strong process.  But there are other factors that can change the odds. We recently shared information about a Unive[...]

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Home Health Playing Larger Role in Post Acute Care Transitions

By | on 07, Feb 2014 |   Readmissions Care Coordination transitional care Care Transitions

I read a great article on the Healthcare Intelligence Network website www.hin.com that shares a look at the realities of Post-Acute Partnerships that are reducing readmissions. The data comes from the[...]

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NTOCC Care Transitions Webinar Recording Now Available

By | on 19, Nov 2013 |   Community Based Care Care Coordination transitional care Will Hicklen Care Transitions NTOCC

NTOCC Webinar: Optimizing Patient Care Transitions - Technology Trends & Innovation Now Available for Viewing Presentation Available for download by clicking here  Originally Held: Wednesday, November[...]

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How Hospitals Can Do Better at Preventing Readmissions

By | on 11, Nov 2013 |   Readmissions PCMH Care Coordination transitional care Care Transitions Avoidable Readmissions Population Health

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Hospital to Home Focus Reduces Readmissions

By | on 15, Oct 2013 |   Readmissions Care Coordination transitional care Care Transitions Accountable Care Organizations Avoidable Readmissions

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SNL Obamacare Skit Featuring Breaking Bad's "Jessie Pinkman"

By | on 30, Sep 2013 |   transitional care

Well, if it's good enough for MedCity News to run, it's good enough for Ankota! With apologies for a couple of awkward moments, it's all in good fun...Hope you enjoyed the series finale last night as [...]

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