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Software for Home Care Agencies, Managed Care, Population Health

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Case Studies

Our real world case studies are a great way to help you and your organization take advantage of new technology and innovation in the post acute care industry. You can easily download the guide or Read More about case study.


To improve the efficiency of their home health clinical team comprised of nurses, rehab therapists, social workers and home health aides. The home health scheduling problem is a complex one that involves physician’s orders for each type of visit as well as time constraints, and staffing constraints. At this health system they generally service 400 patients at a time for episodes of care normally ranging up to 60 days after a hospital discharge.


Affordable patient monitoring

Foresight Care™ is a new patent pending service you can use to persistently monitor your patient population remotely.

Benefits for home health

  • Reach out to patients between visits
  • Monitors all health conditions (multi-morbidity)
  • Alerts nurse case manager or office of red flags
  • Enables fewer face-to-face visits per episode
  • Continues monitoring throughout the full episode
  • Reduces Readmissions and LUPAs

Next Generation Features at your fingertips

EVV (Electronic Visit Verification)

Care Plan Check lists

Activities of Daily Living


Family Portal

Time Sheet Review and Approval

GPS Routing

Drive Time and Mileage Accounting

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The Ankota Blog features updates, industry trends, innovation and insights in post acute care.  Check back often for the latest articles and commentary.

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Demystifying Consumer Directed Services (CDS) Models of Home Care

By | on 05, Feb 2018 |   Private Duty Agency Software Home Care Best Practices Care Transitions April 2017 Newsletter

Some states have authorize home care models where the care is directed by the consumer receiving services. These models are often referred to as Consu...

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Achieving Affordable Population Health Management

By | on 12, Feb 2018 |   Private Duty Agency Software Home Care Best Practices Care Transitions April 2017 Newsletter

Population health is a goal that is being discussed more and more, but still seems to be the elusive third leg of "The Triple Aim."  This may be becau...

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Mobile Medicine: a Glimpse at How New Technology Is Making Healthcare More Accessible

By | on 19, Feb 2018 |   Future of Health Care technology mobile medicine

Ankota provides mobile access to our SaaS (Software as a Service) platform as well  as multiple portals for referrals, patients, families and caregive...

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“Using scanners, we can pull metrics for each workers productivity, as well as tracking each individual step of our process, to address errors when they take place. The information allows the dispatchers to give an ETA to customers inquiring without having to call the drivers directly.”

— Sean -- U of M HomeMed

“Many of my daily tasks are streamlined because of the Ankota system. …I am constantly looking forward to upcoming enhancements to the system because of their creativity and thoughtful insight. The best part about this system is how it is tailored to the unique needs of your business.”

— Donna -- A Caring Heart, LLC

“With the updates and changes over the past couple years this is the best software the fits our needs ….”

— Trevor -- Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging

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