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HDM Paperless Work Reporting

Visit Tracking and Care Plan Reporting are critical functions of every home healthcare agency. Rather than tracking work completion on paper, Ankota Paperless Work Reporting allows you to capture the information electronically at the point of care, which instantly verifies that the home visit was completed and allows the caregiver to provide on site reports about patients' vitals and care plans so any concerns can be addressed immediately. And Ankota lets you choose the best way for your organization, or the discipline within your home care organization, to report work:

  • Cellular – Ankota's Home Care Mobile Data solution uses the browser and GPS on your cell phone or laptop.
  • Telephony – Ankota's Home Care Telephony solution allows you to enter completion records via an interactive voice response system using a touch-tone phone.
  • Electronic Signature Capture – If your workers have a PDA or Tablet PC, Ankota can let you track visits and collect customer signatures.

This offers numerous advantages to your organization:

  • Care concerns can be immediately detected and escalated for review – You can configure the system to flag concerns with vital signs and refusal of treatments, and have early warnings of patient health risks.
  • Compliance – Using Ankota Paperless Work Reporting will make your compliance audits effortless. You’ll have a full accounting of all visits with proof.
  • Schedule Awareness – The worker’s schedule will be delivered in advance so it’s clear which patients to see in what order, and what Care Plans to administer.
  • Mileage and Time Reporting – Captured upon arrival and departure from the patient’s home. The system also captures timestamps and compares them to scheduled routes, alerting you to potential mistakes or overcharging.
  • No Delays or Transcriptions Required – Your records are always up-to-date with no more worries about delayed paperwork submission, lost paperwork or typing errors. This real time reporting can save your company up to 10% in payroll and mileage costs and speed up reimbursements since your caregiver's paperwork is submitted automatically, (no additional man-hours needed to re-enter reports and data), and there are no delays in the reporting cycle.
  • Quality Assurance can be performed on an exception basis – You configure the checklist of items that you want to review and those orders will be flagged.
  • Integration to your billing system via secure file transfer or HL7-compliant web services is available.

For accurate real-time reporting of your visits and care plans with no worries about audit compliance, Ankota Paperless Work Reporting is the solution for you.

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