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6 Lessons for Home Health Care from Fifty Shades of Gray?!?

Maybe you don't want to give a copy of Fifty Shades of Gray to your elderly home care patients, but you might just learn some valuable things from the block-buster novel. If you are a physical therapist, you might not want to read from it while your client rehabs with you from a fall. And, if you are an infusion nurse, as tempting as it might be, your oncology patient might not be the best one to share the book with (or maybe she is!!). Either way, here's an interesting twist on the book: 6 business lessons you can apply to any post acute care operation. 

Have you heard that it's a little dirty? You HAVE heard about Fifty Shades of Gray -- right?!?

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In the American Express Open Forum, Rieva Lesonsky writes, "If not, either you’re a guy who has no woman in his life, you’re living in a cave or you’re a guy living alone in a cave. Women everywhere are buzzing about this bestselling erotic novel, which tells the story of a wealthy entrepreneur’s affair with an innocent college student. First-time author E.L. James has been mobbed at book signings, interviewed on TV and given a seven-figure contract with Vintage Books. Ellen DeGeneres read snippets from the novel aloud on her talk show, Barbara Walters discussed it on The View and Time magazine named James one of its 100 Most Influential People of 2012."

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Lesonsky explains that, as she read Fifty Shades, she kept drawing lessons from the book that applied to business. Despite my healthy skepticism that anyone can read this book and think about how it might apply to their business, I am a guy, I do have a "cave" of sorts in my basement, and I will defer to someone who has actually read the book. So, I share these with Ankota's readers here along with my disclaimer that says "I don't know much more about this book...though I don't live alone in a cave."

So, what do you think? What can home health care and other providers of post acute care learn from Fifty Shades of Gray? There must be something smart you can say about Physical Therapy or Infusion, at least. 

I think it's time for me to go back into my cave. 

The Six Lessons can be read in its entirety here


Six Lessons from Fifty Shades of Gray


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