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Will You Survive All The Home Health Changes?

As readers of Ankota's blog will attest, we're not above borrowing a good article from someone else when we see it. We'll share it with the world if we like it. This post is an refreshing reminder about dealing with change, and who fares well through change. 

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"The Mind of John Baker" is a blog published by Dr. John Baker, of Baker Rehab Group. It is just coincidence that Baker Rehab is based in Frederick, Maryland, which is only about an hour west of Ankota's Baltimore headquarters. Maybe one day our paths will cross, but for now I'll share Dr. Baker's observation about the pace of change in home health health therapy, knowing that it applies to most Ankota customers, including the many home health therapy agencies and other providers of post-acute care, hospitals and ACOs that use Ankota's software. 

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From The Mind of John Baker, "Will We Survive the Home Health Changes?" :

I recently had a conversation with a therapist who was frustrated and worn out from all the changes that occur in home health and was thinking about switching to an outpatient clinic-based or skilled nursing facility environment for “consistency and ease of mind.”

We discussed the recent reassessment requirement, cuts in reimbursement, and increased documentation requirements that are occurring in home health. I tried to help her see this is just one component of a universal “sea change” that is in the early phases and is by no way unique to home health. It is occurring throughout the industry. How we deliver and “do healthcare now” will be very different from how we will deliver it in 5-7 years from now. Change is inevitable.

Theologians and psychologists alike will all tell us that “how we approach change” will often determine how successful we will be in adapting to the new healthcare system beginning to emerge.

I was reading a Parkinson’s study that correlated the clinical outcomes with attitude and willingness to accept change. As one might expect, those patients who approached change with a positive attitude had better clinical outcomes and lower stress levels.

What a great reminder for the importance of being willing to adapt to change in our own profession.


About John Baker 

John Baker is the CEO of Baker Rehab Group, formerly HomeCare Rehab and Nursing as well as the chairman of the Maryland Physical Therapy Board of Examiners. In addition to owning Baker Rehab Group, he has been a physical therapist for more than 20 years and holds professional degrees including a doctorate of science in physical therapy. Read John's blog The Mind of John Baker  

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