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Using LinkedIn for Physical Therapy Businesses

Physical Therapist (PT) Network

Some of the best articles I come across are published on LinkedIn by members of groups that I belong to. LinkedIn bills itself as "the World's Largest Professional Network," but does a great job of allowing you to direct your time and efforts by connecting with others where you have commonality. I find that most people are aware of LinkedIn but many therapy agencies are not on it and are confused about whether it's worth their while. 

Learn How Ankota Helps Therapy Agencies

You can find a group for just about anything on LinkedIn. This article below was posted on the Physical Therapist (PT) Network, which, at about 4500 members, is the largest physical therapy group on LinkedIn. Ankota's success with physical therapy agencies is due, at least in part, to the fact that we listen to therapists about what they need from technology to help them run their businesses better. LinkedIn is one of many ways that Ankota seeks to stay connected with therapy agencies.  

On LinkedIn: How to Hire the Right Staff for Your Physical Therapy Practice

This was posted on PTPN Insights, but shared on LinkedIn by a member of the Physical Therpist Network. Get it?

I tend to pay a more attention to articles that I see on LinkedIn because they are already vetted by members of a group that I know shares some of my professional interests. When I see a blog or an article posted on the Physical Therapist (PT) Network on LinkedIn, I know that other physical therapists have already read it and thought it was worth sharing with the rest of the group. So I pay more attention than to those things that simply make their way to my email inbox.

So should you!

Virtually every executive running a Physical Therapy business today knows that therapies will play a significant role in Accountable Care. The clinical value is indisputable, yet most therapy execs are confused about how to engage and position themselves to be a strategic partner in Accountable Care. One way to engage is to join ACO groups on LinkedIn. Look for groups with the words "accountable care" and "care transitions" in their titles, for starters. You will quickly see what the groups are talking about and the events and conferences they attend. This can be an easy way to sit in on the conversations that matter to the partners you want.  

A few things that LinkedIn is especially good for, in addition to PT related articles:

  • See what Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) are talking about
  • Explore the role of Phyiscal Therapy in managing Care Transitions
  • Job Postings, hiring practices, and other employment related articles 
  • Connect with other physical therapy businesses, share best practices

And if your Therapy agency is in need of technology to help simplify complex scheduling needs, move to electronic documentation at the point of care, bill instantly, cooperate with referral sources and connect with ACOs, then contact Ankota to take a look at our software.

Learn How Ankota Helps Therapy Agencies

Other linked groups to explore on LinkedIn:

American Physical Therapy Association

Accountable Care Organization Networking Group

Home Care Sales and Marketing

National Transitions of Care Coalition (NTOCC)

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