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Home Care Growth Kit: The Best Marketing Tips for Growth

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This chapter of Ankota's Home Care Growth Kit focuses on marketing. With that in mind, we've compiled four great resources for you to kickstart your agencies growth. Let's jump right in:

Optimize your Digital Marketing Success

First up, we have a fantastic piece from Home Care Marketing Pros (formerly Providentia Marketing) where they focus on the following key fundamentals:

  1. Know your audience
  2. Cast ads to a wide audience, but not too wide
  3. Once you have a visitor, re-market to them with Facebook or Google Ads

The article is called How to Grow your Home Care Agencies Digital Marketing Reach, and you can access it here:


Weekly Activities for your Home Care Marketing Reps

Next up is a video from Steve "The Hurricane" Weiss wherein he outlines a series of weekly activities for your home care marketing reps:


A Complete Methodology for Increasing Home Care Agency Revenue

There's a relative newcomer on the scene, called AidQuest, who provide a unique service of live home care experts who chat with visitors to your website 24-hours a day.  Before starting AidQuest, its founder, Kamran Nassar, ran one of the fastest growing agencies in the country.

Here is his three part series of home care revenue growth (click the 3 titles below): 


Installment 1: Understand what it takes to increase revenue by $1M

 Installment 2: How many leads do you need and where will you get them?

 Installment 3: Understand how Google finds you and juice up your website



Masterclass in Driving Traffic to your Home Care Agency

Click the link below to a view a video or audio podcast version of a chat wih Jason Chagnon from Providentia Martketing and Kamran Nassar from AideQuest.

They discuss the importance and benefit of attractive both potential clients and caregivers to your website How to design your site to be found on Google with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) How to keep people on your website when they get there and have them connect to you via Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO):

Click below to learn more:


Thanks for reading and for working toward jumpstarting your agency's growth journey.  Home care is a vital to the health and happiness of so many, so thank you for the work that you do!

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