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Healthcare Reform Can Be Funded With Reduction In Overkill, per Dr. Atul Gawande

By | on 06, Jul 2015 |   Private Duty Agency Software Home Health Aide Software Home Care Best Practices Care Coordination Care Transitions medicare

We generally blog about very specific and actionable ways that home care agencies can thrive.  A lot of our content is about best practices and marketing, and we have a specific focus on managing care[...]

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Kaiser Shares That 2,610 Hospitals Will Be Penalized $428MM for Readmissions

By | on 17, Dec 2014 |   Care Coordination Payments Care Coordination transitional care Care Transitions kaiser medicare readmission penalties

Kaiser Health News has graciously allowed us to republish their article disclosing CMS Readmision Penalties for 2015.  Without further adieu, here's the article: 

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