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Ankota: Ushering in the Next Generation of Homecare Blog

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Reduce Hospital Readmissions by Seeing Patient on Discharge Day

By | on 27, Jun 2014 |   Readmissions Care Transitions

“If home care agencies really want to reduce hospital readmissions, there is one simple thing they can do that they often don’t.”, said Diane Omdahl, RN, co-founder of 65 Incorporated, an organization[...]

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How Can Home Health Profit From Readmission Penalties?

By | on 24, Jun 2014 |   Readmissions Care Transitions Accountable Care Organizations

We ran across a fascinating article by Tammy Worth recently, called “Home Health On Road to Reducing Readmissions”.  In her article, Tammy makes a compelling case that even before impending readmissio[...]

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Is Home Health Missing the Boat on its Biggest Opportunity?

By | on 11, Jun 2014 |   Care Transitions Avoidable Readmissions

Among the many hats that I wear at Ankota, one of them is marketing.  I've heard the description that marketing is sometimes described as mixing Kool-Aid and hoping people with drink it.  Similarly, t[...]

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5 Mistakes For Home Care Entrepreneurs to Avoid

By | on 09, Jun 2014 |   Home Care Entrepreneurship Starting a Home Care Business Home Care Best Practices

This is going to be a quick post.  Our great friend Ginny Kenyon from Kenyon Health Care Consulting posted an article for home care entrepreneurs telling them 5 things to avoid in their start-ups.  If[...]

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Will the Top 6 Components of a Home Health Visit Change in 10 Years?

By | on 05, Jun 2014 |   Readmissions Elderly Care Care Transitions Accountable Care Organizations ACO

I found an interesting graphic on the website for the Healthcare Intelligence Network (www.hin.com) that itemizes the top components that occur in a home health visit.

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7 Secrets for Recruiting Quality Home Care Sales Agents

By | on 03, Jun 2014 |   Home Care Entrepreneurship Marketing Home Care Home Care Best Practices

Home care consultancy Beth Carpenter and Associates recently released a great article about recruiting Quality Home Care Sales personnel.  The full article, written by consultant Jim Szymanski  is ava[...]

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Ankota Partner iGetBetter Helps Patients Comply With Their Care Plans

By | on 03, Jun 2014 |   Care Transitions Accountable Care Organizations ACO

While building Ankota, I was introduced to another local company caled iGetBetter and was invited to help them develop their technology.  Is iGetBetter a great name, or what? Unlike Ankota, which focu[...]

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