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27 Insightful Quotes from Clients via Home Care Pulse

interview-1018333_1280Regular readers of the Ankota blog likely know that we often share the resources and content provided by Home Care Pulse. Their offerings are always pertinent and are filled with useful suggestions and insightful data on a wide range of home care-related topics.
Here's a short recap of an article from their blog,"27 Eye-Opening Quotes from Home Care Clients"  that gathers together 27 quotes from home care clients that Home Care Pulse's researchers found.  The full article goes into further detail, so please do read the original article.  As a way to get things started for you, here are 5 examples and a preamble from the article:
We share these not to be unnecessarily negative about anything, but because they’re strong examples of incidents that can happen all too easily if you’re not careful.
"We’ve been trying to get a hold of their office for five days and they won’t return my calls.”
"They sent me a condolence card for our loss, but it had the wrong name on it.”
“I love my caregiver. If [my agency] doesn’t take my caregiver away from me, I’m fine. If they try to take her from me, I’m going to hit them with my cane.”
“They weren’t bad people, but they weren’t a good match. There was a disconnect between my wonderful talk with the person I spoke with initially, and the people who came to the door.”
“The caregiver said that I had to get rid of my pet because they didn’t like pets. What?”
Take a look at the full article  and let us know what you think. Also, if you have suggestions for other online resources, topics, or areas of interest to be covered in our blog, please reach out and let us know!

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