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4 Simple Ways to Market Your Home Care Agency

This article isn't like our usual blog posts that cover specific topics surrounding home care, medicaid, and private duty agency Best Practices.  Marketing is an important part of any growing an agency, so I hope that you find this information useful.
Marketing doesn't come easy or naturally to a good amount of folks who run a business.  Even if marketing is of interest to folks or is a skillset that they do have, sometimes the amount of time needed to get a marketing campaign off the ground can be hard to find.
I'll write another article covering a variety of different marketing ideas such as blogging, video marketing, sponsoring a local team, improving your SEO, attending conferences, and creating a marketing pipeline.  But for this one, we'll start with a handful of low-barrier marketing ideas.  
This list presumes you have things such as a recently updated/optimized website, use social media in some fashion, and have marketing basics such as a logo, business cards, and a slogan, tagline or mission statement for your business.  That all said, thanks the following is a good start for folks:

1. Create or Grow Your Email List

Obviously, creating an email list can help you reach out to customers and leads alike via e-newsletters, standard email updates, and special offers but it can also help you grow your social media presence and connections. 

We'll go into what to do with your email list in another blog post, but just as a start, you can create a spreadsheet or similar list of the folks in your address book who are customers and leads. Once you gather your email list together, you can go through the list to see if there are any opportunities there you may have missed or folks on the list aren't clients or prospects.  

Again, this is just a start, but as they say, you need to start somewhere!

2. Partner or Volunteer at a Community or Industry Event 

Networking isn't just about meeting people, it's about getting to know people on a personal-though-professional level.  That is, the goal is still creating business opportunities, but in a world with so many similar options, often a business differentiator is simply interacting with folks on a human level.

Offering even a few hours of your time to a help out at a community or industry event is a great way to get to know people of similar interests in an (often) low-pressure environment.  Through this style of interaction, new leads, opportunities, allies, partnerships, and business ideas can emerge.

3. Attend a Meetup or Event

Similar to the above, attending a meetup can be a low-pressure and effective way to build your network, market your business, and find prospects.  Ideally, you can check sites such as Meetup.com or your local business association for events specific to your industry, but even going to a meetup or event with a generalized business or networking focus can be an effective approach.

4.) Hand Out One Business Card per Day 

Depending on your personality, this may seem to be a task ranging from easy to a difficult for you. Even if you tend to be outgoing and are comfortable meeting new people and promoting your business, meeting 1 person per day can be a hard task to accomplish. 

Given most folk's bust schedule, meeting new people can be difficult.  So, here are a few suggestions to make it easier for you:  First, instead if handing out 1 business card per day, let's call it "try your best to hand out 1 business card per day,"  Often just having that as a mindset can make things easier for you and provide other opportunities you didn't expect. 

Also, if you do go to an event or two, you will likely be in a setting where you can hand out cards to  number of people in order to keep your average up. 

Lastly, you can hand out your card to friends, family, colleagues, employees, vendors, and so on.  Just explain why you're offering it to them (in case they come across someone in their travels that needs your services), and it's likely they'll be interested in helping...in fact, don't be surprised if they ask the same of you and hand you there card!

If you'd like to offer anything to the conversation, please feel free to share any experiences, suggestions, or Best Practices that you'd like to offer by posting in the comments section.

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