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Ankota: Ushering in the Next Generation of Homecare Blog

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Create a Culture of Learning in Home Health Care & HME

By | on 30, Dec 2011 |   Recommended Reading thought leadership Will Hicklen Home Care Industry Home Care Best Practices Home Care Entrepreneurship Leadership Learning

There are formal and informal cultures of learning, and this post discusses how both are used and how to put them to work in home health care, HME, Private Duty and Therapy businesses.

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Laurie Orlov's Aging in Place 2010 Recap provides Home Care Insight

By | on 29, Dec 2011 |   Aging in Place Technology Home Care Technology Home Care Industry Elderly Care Home Care Best Practices Senior Demographics

How did you spend you holiday vacation?  Aging in Place expert Laurie Orlov clearly spent hers thinking about what happened in 2010 and what is likely to happen in 2011 in the arena of aging in place.[...]

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Happy Holidays from Ankota: Check out our wacky video!

By | on 16, Dec 2010 |   Video Holiday Wishes

Ankota is really blessed to have the chance to work with the wonderful people in the home care industry.  Thank you so much to our customers, blog readers, prospects and friends.  We thank you for gre[...]

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For Home Care, the way forward requires you to think like a start-up

By | on 15, Dec 2010 |   transitional care Care Coordination Video Home Care Best Practices Home Care Entrepreneurship

There are two things you can do to increase the profit for your home care agency: 1) you can spend less, and 2) you can sell more.  A lot of the focus of Ankota is to help you to spend less, but that'[...]

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Scientists Acknowledge the Need for Home Health Care

By | on 13, Dec 2010 |   Health Care Reform thought leadership Home Care Technology Home Care Industry Senior Demographics

With the population aging and the ability to treat more diseases, the world is waking up to the fact that health care delivery will need to change.  A lot of what we hear in the news is motivated by p[...]

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Everyone Counts in Home Health Care, Too.

By | on 09, Dec 2010 |   Recommended Reading thought leadership Care Coordination Home Care Technology Home Healthcare Delivery Management HME DME Will Hicklen Home Care Scheduling Software Home Care Mobile Solutions Home Care Industry Elderly Care Private Duty Agency Software Home Health Aide Software

A fellow Miami University alumnus, Tim Walsh, publishes a blog titled "Leadership and Sports." I am a fan of sports analogies (pun intended) and his posts tend to be both brief and entertaining, so I [...]

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Steve Jobs from Apple can teach more to Home Care: A Sequel

By | on 07, Dec 2010 |   thought leadership Video home care software geek

Last week we posted a story about how Steve Jobs from Apple computer makes phenomenal presentations and how we in the home care industry can learn from him as we work to "reinvent" our industry.  That[...]

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Home Care Agencies Need Insurance for Employee Cars

By | on 06, Dec 2010 |   New York State HCP Elderly Care Healthy Caregivers

Today's post comes from the publication InPro Outlook (volume I, No.4, Fall 2010) published by the New York State Home Care Providers (NYSHCP).  The topic seemed relevant beyond New York state so we'r[...]

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Can Steve Jobs from Apple teach Home Care how to make presentations?

By | on 02, Dec 2010 |   Health Care Reform home care software geek Home Care Best Practices

Steve Jobs and Apple are totally on a roll with winning product after winning product.  Between the iPad, iTunes, iPhones, the Mac and more it's clear that Apple is in touch with today's culture...  O[...]

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Give your Home Care Workers Wireless Air Cards with No Monthly Fee

By | on 01, Dec 2010 |   Home Care Technology home care software geek Elderly Care Home Care Best Practices

Some things seem to good to be true but every once in a while you find a real gem.  I'm pleased to report one to you today - it's called Tether (see www.tether.com).  Most laptops, netbooks and tablet[...]

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