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Keep Going On - This week's Monday Moore Mantra

Welcome-AnkotaCares-2Ankota COO, Sara Moore, has created a few initiatives to spark conversations about community in the home care industry.  Among other efforts, she created AHomeCareCommunity.com to provide a place online for folks in home care to share ideas, offer Best Practices and resources, and to promote events.
She has also started "Monday Moore Mantras." She sends them via email on Mondays, so despite the fact that this blog is being posted on a Wednesday, here is this week's Monday More Mantra:
Whenever you have doubt, remember there is always hope. 
This year has had its struggles, we have discussed this already. But, you are here, and every day you can keep moving forward with a hope that tomorrow will be great.
My good friend and coworker, Jed, recommended this song to me and it inspired today's message. Have a listen - it even gave me a few chills:
Keep Going On
Theodore Roosevelt said it perfectly many years ago.  
                         "Courage is not having the strength to go on; it is going on when
                           you don’t have the strength.- Theodore Roosevelt
Our strength has certainly been tested this year. But keep going - the future will be great if we focus on the good.
Call to Action
Today's message is enough of a call to action. 
 If you haven't already, please check out A Home Care Community (AHCC) and if you feel inspired, become a member! The conversation pages are a big part of the community, so dig into previous conversations or start your own.
 An Offer!  If you have specific community goals that you would like to drive for your company and would like to chat, send us a note (in the share an idea section in our contact page).  We will schedule 1:1 meetings to help you move forward building your community!
Also! If you haven't heard already, AHCC will  be awarding a caregiver of the month award every month starting in January 2021. Nominate your caregiver here!
With hope and gratitude, 
Sara Moore, Chief Operating Officer

Ankota provides software to improve the delivery of care outside the hospital, focusing on efficiency and care coordination. Ankota's primary focus is on Care Transitions for Readmission avoidance and on management of Private Duty non-medical home care. To learn more, please visit www.ankota.com or contact us.


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