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Tips for Managing Caregiver Stress via DailyCaring.com & The Rising Spoon

stress-1277561_1920A blog article from DailyCaring.com caught my eye that I feel our readers can get a lot of value out of.  It's full of fantastic in-depth tips for you and your caregivers to better manage stress.  At the end of the day, most of the tips are applicable and relevant to anyone seeking to lower and manage their stress levels.
"15 QUICK TIPS FOR MANAGING CAREGIVER STRESS" offers exactly how it sounds.  Easy to implement strategies for make you or your caregivers jobs and daily lives easer and hopefully, stress-free. Take a look at the entire article here.
Interestingly, the DailyCaring article notes that they got their list from another blog article that lists 30 tips:

When you’re caring for an older adult, caregiver stress is part of the job.

To combat feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, and frustration, it helps to have a long list of ways to cope and get relief. 

You’ll always be able to find something that works for the situation you’re in at the moment.

The Rising Spoon has a great article that shares over 30 helpful stress relief tips. From these, we selected the top 15 stress relief tips that are most useful and realistic for busy caregivers.

Here are the 15 topics that the DailyCaring.com article mentions:
1. Take slow, deep breaths

2. Use aromatherapy

3. Drink calming herbal tea

4. Meditate or pray

5. Release tension with exercise

6. Talk with a trusted friend

7. Practice gratitude

8. Listen to music

9. Go outside

10. Massage tired muscles

11. Stretch or do yoga

12. Do something creative

13. Do a brain dump

14. Watch or read something that makes you laugh

15. Take a spa-like bath or shower
This list is intended to help you get the ball rolling and encourage you to read the full article. Please take a look at the full article and share your thoughts!
What have you found to be the most effective strategies for managing stress?  What questions do you have for other folks in the caregiving industry?  What do you think of the list in general?   

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