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Care Coordination: Medical Home Model Delivers Results

Posted by Will Hicklen on Sep 28, 2012 9:13:00 AM

N.J. Medical Home Collaboration Pays Off for Patients, Physicians, and Insurer

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Accountable Care Organizations, Explained

Posted by Will Hicklen on Sep 27, 2012 12:39:00 PM

Significant confusion remains about Accountable Care. This overview from Kaiser Health News is a good primer for Hospitals, ACOs, and post acute providers.

While existing ACOs and Hospitals are generally better aware, post acute providers who ignore the changing business landscape do so with certain peril. Either plan your business strategy to be a valued partner in the ACO model, or wait for Accountable Care to happen to you. Those who plan and make it easy to do business with them under ACO the model will thrive. Those who wait for it to happen and do things the way they've always done them will be eliminated from the highest paying, fastest growing services. The latter group will fail at alarming rates.  

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Penalties for Avoidable Readmissions Loom in October 2012

Posted by Will Hicklen on Sep 24, 2012 2:23:00 PM

October 2012 marks the beginning of CMS penalties for high readmission rates, but it's clear that great confusion over these penalties continues. Just how substantial are they and how much will it cost providers?
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Home Care Inspirational Quotes from Boyd and Nicholas

Posted by Ken Accardi on Sep 21, 2012 12:27:00 PM

When Ankota first started out, we went to several trade shows to meet people and to learn more about the home care industry.  One of the first few people I remember meeting at the NAHC Financial Managers Conference in Boston in 2009 were Tom Boyd and Tom Nicholas from the creatively named company Boyd & Nicholas.  They're pictured here in this blog article, but the couple of times that I met them they weren't dressed in jackets and ties as they're depicted here.  Instead they were wearing shorts and Birkenstock's and walking around inviting people to come to their booth to get into their drawing for a couple of nice bottles of wine.  

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Home Care Aide shortage coming back

Posted by Ken Accardi on Sep 19, 2012 10:48:00 AM

Today's article is from Stephen Tweed who leads Leading Home Care.  We've featured Stephen on the Ankota blog numerous times in the past, including this piece sharing Stephen's tips for selling home health to physicians, and this more recent and somewhat controversial piece where Stephen shares the insight that social media doesn't seem to work for home health - in the piece his points are contrasted with a piece by Merrily Orsini about how to make social media work in home care.  Today's post indicates that the shortage of Home Health Aides is an issue we need to be cognizant of.

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Will You Survive All The Home Health Changes?

Posted by Will Hicklen on Sep 18, 2012 8:00:00 AM

As readers of Ankota's blog will attest, we're not above borrowing a good article from someone else when we see it. We'll share it with the world if we like it. This post is an refreshing reminder about dealing with change, and who fares well through change. 

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Hospitals Look to Home Care In Cutting Patient Readmissions

Posted by Ken Accardi on Sep 17, 2012 8:21:00 AM

The following article appeared in Home Health Care News at this link.  We're reproducing it in its entirety for our readers, because it perfectly exemplifies the opportunity for Home Care to make a difference in lowering the cost of care in America and increasing the profits of hospitals in your communities.  It's a win win and we hope that you're taking advantage of it.

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Will HMEs Survive Competitive Bidding?

Posted by Will Hicklen on Sep 13, 2012 3:02:00 PM

Are HMEs surviving competitive bidding? Funny you'd ask...As Theresa Flaherty's September 7th piece in HME News shows, more than 450 HME providers have closed locations, sold their businesses or gone out of business due to the program. Further, VGM estimates that more than 100,000 jobs will be lost. Download the VGM report here

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Topics: Competitive Bidding, Health Care Reform, transitional care, HME, DME, Will Hicklen

Home Care Alert! Surviving An Audit

Posted by Will Hicklen on Sep 12, 2012 2:59:00 PM

When faced with an audit, documentation and technology can save the day

Health care providers of all types face increasing scrutiny from public and private payers alike to operate in a totally above-board, compliant fashion. Simply doing things the right way is no longer enough, you have to prove that you are compliant, and have systems and processes in place to assure that you will continue to operate that way with every patient, every day.   

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Best Practices for Managing Dementia/Alzheimer's in Home Care

Posted by Ken Accardi on Sep 11, 2012 4:00:00 PM

I read a piece this morning by a pastor named Anthony Robinson about his experience with his mom's dementia, and it reminded me that home care workers visit daily with people dealing with memory issues.  Here's the anecdote:

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What Home Care Employees Need the Most

Posted by Ken Accardi on Sep 5, 2012 1:31:00 PM

Veteran employers will tell you that no matter what industry you work in, pay is a strong motivator. It is the reason most people work in the first place, but is it the only rationale behind building a career? No, as critical as fair wage is in the world of home care, there are other considerations, as well. Jeff Haden explains some of the responsibilities employers have to their workforce in this piece for Inc. titled “8 Things Your Employees Need Most.”


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Storm Watch: Managing Care Transitions & Home Care In A Storm

Posted by Will Hicklen on Sep 4, 2012 1:24:00 PM

Storms threaten the delivery of healthcare services, but a little planning and some good technology can help hospitals, ACOs and post acute providers of all types.

In the mid Atlantic, we've just entered hurricane season and many of Ankota's customers are still cleaning up the mess from Isaac in the Gulf region. Tropical Storm Leslie is gaining momentum in the Atlantic as we speak, and the next storm, Michael, has also just formed behind her. Once we emerge from hurricane season in November, much of the country will face the snowy winter months and the risk to care continuity that presents. Then, tornadoes of spring and the extreme heat of summer... and so on. Storm Happens.

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