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4 Strategies from AARP to Help Older Adults Accept Caregiving Support

hand-3699825_1920I came across an article from AARP online entitled, "Helping Older Adults Accept Caregiving Support at Home" that I feel would be helpful and interesting to our readers.
The article shares 4 objections (as well as advice for how to overcome those objections) that researchers found regarding older adults feeling apprehensive about accepting in-home care.  
I suggest that you read the entire article via this link, since it is both an easy read while also providing a number of useful in-depth insights.
That said, here's a high level recap:

4 Reasons Older Adults May Be Apprehensive to Accept at -Home Care

  • Fear of losing independence
  • Not wanting to be a burden on others
  • Lack of trust
  • Not wanting to lose control

After you read the full article, please comment below or send us a note about your thoughts on it.  Did the strategies suggested work well for you or do you feel like you'd like to give those strategies a try?  Are there any other strategies you'd like to suggest or a story or two to share that illustrates the findings of the article.  If so, please do let us know!

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