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5 Insights for Retaining Home Care Caregivers via Marketer Steve "the Hurricane"

hands-1939895_1920I came across an insightful blog article from home care marketing expert, Steve "The Hurricane" and his home care sales & marketing training company, Hurricane Marketing Enterprises.  As this article's title alludes to, he offers a number of ideas and examples of how to retain top-performing home care staff.
As you likely already know, finding and retaining high quality home care staff can be time consuming, costly, disheartening, and difficult to do in general. We all understand how important it is for home care workers to be as qualified, experienced, and caring as possible. With all that in mind, anything we can ado collectively to find ways for home care agencies to attract and retain home care workers who provide the highest quality of care is a boon for agencies, clients, and the industry overall.  
You can click this link here to read the entire article, and watch the accompanying video. To get you started though, scroll down here to see the bullet-points that Steve covers.  
I suggested reading the full article here, but please feel free to comment below here with any thoughts or perspectives about Steve's article.

Five Takeaways from Steve "The Hurricane" for Caregiver Retention

  • It was the first job that they applied for
  • Good Work Environment
  • Benefits
  • The company is recommended to them
  • Good Reputation
What are your thoughts?  Can you share any personal experiences or anecdotes that may help others?  What questions do you have about the article?  Are there other ideas you have that you'd add to the list?  Please share your thoughts by commenting below.

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