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5 Reasons Why Home Care Agencies Should Consider Diversifying into Adult Day Care

A trend we've been observing is that more and more of our home care agency customers also have Adult Day Care Centers. We first observed this with Kentucky Medicaid home care agencies who are required to offer adult day care, but we're seeing it more, including with a growing number of adult day care agencies. 

From that starting point, we thought we'd share a handful of reasons we feel that home care agencies should considering adding adult day care services to their business:

Client Retention

It's often the case that elderly adults choose to participate in day care before requiring home care, so having an adult day center can get you clients earlier who will stay with you longer.

Caregiver Retention

The toughest challenge in home care is recruiting and retention of caregivers and,
oAdult Day Services help CTAf course, with home care you need to send one care giver to each home. By contrast, in an adult day center you generally need one caregiver per 4 participants, so you can provide care to more participants with fewer caregivers.

Helps with Caregiver Training

You also know that sometimes caregivers join you and participate in training that you pay them for, but then as soon as they get into the home with a senior they realize that either a) this isn't for them, or b) that they feel totally unprepared and overwhelmed. Having an adult day center gives you a training ground for new caregivers where they can interact with elderly clients as part of a team.  This is a great way for them to build familiarity and confidence with home care work.

Helps with Caregiver Training

Moving to the sales side of home care, the fastest growing agencies are the ones who can meet the family right away and who can staff cases right away instead of in a matter of weeks. Having a staffed adult day care center affords you the possibility of having senior people who can go meet a family to do an assessment, and having caregivers in training in the centers gives you paid staff that's ready to deploy.

Provides More Work Hours for Caregivers

Lastly, the biggest reason that caregivers leave agencies is because they are looking for a certain number of hours of work and the agency isn't getting them enough hours. An adult day care center gives you another way to get your caregivers up to the number of hours that they want.

Adult Day Care Free Resource

We have created a complimentary resource on this topic, the Adult Day Care Reference Guide. Click here to access the guide which includes information about licensing adult day care centers in each of the 50 states.

Wrap Up and How to Get Help with EVV

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