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A Simple Way to Improve Home Care Employee Retention

A recent article by Leigh Davis, (a Home Health Employee Recruitment, Selection and Retention expert, author and consultant) entitled, "This ONE Trick Can Revolutionize Your Employee Retention", shares a great tip and accompanying story that serves as a reminder that businesses are only as good as their employees a10761336926_56820688f8_b.jpgre. 

A business with great employees generally leads to happy customers who feel the "Wow Factor", which in turn, can improve your business' success.  

A big part of this equation is retaining those Rock Star employees in the long run.  

Home Care agency work is rewarding on many levels but, as most of us know, it can also be difficult work as well.  I strongly suggest reading Leigh's full article here for his "trick" and the inspirational story he shares for some tips on the matter.

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