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Ankota: Ushering in the Next Generation of Homecare Blog

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Top Reasons Home Care Workers should take Clients for a Walk today

By | on 25, Feb 2011 |   Elderly Care Senior Demographics

This week I've been volunteering at an orphanage in Ecuador and although I've been working with infants, toddlers and disabled children up through their teens I've been thinking a lot about caregiving[...]

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Home Health Prediction: 2011 will be the Year of Therapy

By | on 22, Feb 2011 |   Home Care Technology Home Healthcare Delivery Management Home Care Scheduling Software Home Care Best Practices Home Therapy Home Health Therapy Software

Nobody would argue that therapy services (physical occupational and speech therapy) are a crucial aspect of home health care.  But in the past, therapy services have been somewhat under the radar scre[...]

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Home Care Software Geek Demystifies Cloud Computing

By | on 21, Feb 2011 |   Home Care Technology home care software geek Home Care Scheduling Software Home Health Aide Software

The Home Care Software Geek posts in this blog don't talk about Home Care Nursing Software, Private Duty Telephony, DME Delivery Software, Home Infusion Care Management or the other topics we focus on[...]

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Home Health and Hospice Executives: It’s Lonely at the Top

By | on 11, Feb 2011 |   Health Care Reform thought leadership Home Care Industry Home Care Best Practices Leadership

Today's guest blog comes from my friend and advisor Ginny Kenyon who I really consider a "luminary" in home health and private care.  Ginny has the first hand experience, insight and forsight to set t[...]

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Sell Home Health to Physicians in Order to Grow, per Stephen Tweed

By | on 10, Feb 2011 |   Home Care Entrepreneurship Marketing Home Care Home Care Industry Home Care Best Practices NAHC Learning

A big focus of the Ankota Blog is Home Care Entrepreneurship.  We introduced this topic in our post entitled For Home Care, the way forward requires you to think like a start-up, where NAHC's Bill Dom[...]

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The Superbowl of Home Care!

By | on 08, Feb 2011 |   thought leadership NAHC Will Hicklen Home Care Best Practices PDHCA NPDA Home Care Entrepreneurship Leadership Learning Marketing Home Care

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Top 10 Best Practices in Home Care - shared by Merrily Orsini

By | on 04, Feb 2011 |   Elderly Care Home Care Best Practices NPDA

One of the things we do on our blog is to talk about social media because we believe that the home care industry can benefit from sharing and learning through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Link[...]

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Home Care Leadership: Lessons from Egypt

By | on 03, Feb 2011 |   Recommended Reading thought leadership transitional care Aging in Place Technology Home Healthcare Delivery Management HME Will Hicklen Home Care Industry Private Duty Agency Software Home Care Best Practices Home Care Entrepreneurship Leadership

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