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Home Health Therapy: PT/OT Home Exercise Programs

Therapy agencies—including Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy & Speech—are among Ankota’s fastest growing customers and we’re always on the lookout for technologies that can help our clients take better care of their clients.Home Exercise Plans BPM Rx

Physical therapy exercise handouts for home health agencies

Today's guest blogger is Ben Musholt, PT, of BPM Rx. BPM Rx provides a simple and important, web based product that allows therapists to easily provide exercise handouts to clients. Right now, Ankota’s customers can access the system directly and enjoy a FREE TRIAL and special discount using the code included below.

We’d like to hear your thoughts. Would it be useful to be able to select exercise programs directly from within TherapEZ? Would you want to retain these care plans along with the client’s record in TherapEZ? Or, is accessing this type of site outside of TherapEZ adequate? What other thoughts do you have? We’d like to hear from you! Please send comments/suggestions to will.hicklen@ankota.com.

Ensuring adherence to a home exercise program (HEP) is often a major concern of physical therapists, when they are getting close to discharging a client.  I should know, I’ve been a physical therapist for almost 10 years and it’s always a bit nerve racking to say good-bye to a patient when their goals have been met, but they still need to continue with an exercise routine.   You want the best for your client, thus you’re nervous that they could backslide on their progress after they’ve been discharged from your service.

  • “Will they keep going with their exercise routine? 
  • “Did they understand and remember all of the movements correctly?”

Home Exercise Plan for Physical Therapy

Being sure that a client is fully independent with his or her exercise routine is a crucial function of physical therapy, whether it is rendered in a clinic or a home-based setting.  When clients taper off from their prescribed activities too soon, they may see a return of their symptoms, which they may attribute to PT not being successful; or worse, if they are in the senior/geriatric population, they may begin to regress in their functional status, and lose independence at home.    As all physical therapists know, the solution to this predicament is to provide a HEP handout that illustrates which exercises are to be performed, how often, and at what intensity.

BPM Rx, Inc. is a web-based exercise prescription software company that has aligned itself with Ankota to provide home health agencies with a mobile platform for physical therapists to issue exercise handouts to their clientele.  Therapists can select from hundreds of exercises appropriate for geriatric patients, orthopedic injuries, balance skills, and surgical rehab.  There is even a category of movements specific to activities of daily living (ADL) for occupational therapists.  

What’s unique about this software program is that it can be accessed from any computer or tablet device that has Internet access.  That means that the therapist can browse through the exercise library while on-site with the client, and choose which exercises are most appropriate, then email a PDF to them, or print off a paper copy, once there is access to a printer.   In addition, rather than utilizing pre-written instructions, the therapists get to write in personalized instructions and reminders, unique to each client.

Current users of Ankota’s TherapEZ software can access the BPM Rx exercise library with the coupon code: ANKOTA15; which gives 15% off the monthly subscription price.

Find out more about BPM Rx here: http://www.BPMRx.com.

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