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Predicting Caregiver Success and Job Satisfaction using AI

chart-4732546_1280Recruiting and retaining caregivers is the biggest problem that our industry faces. Whether we're staffing caregivers for older people, or DSPs for disability services; and whether the services are at home or in day centers, we're all struggling with this same issue. 

Some sobering statistics (from Home Care Pulse) are as follows:

  • Agencies average over 64% turnover per year
  • 85% of agencies have turned away cases that they couldn't staff
  • 97% of agencies report negative impacts due to the shortage of caregivers

AI Tool for Recruiting and Retaining Caregivers

On a recent podcast episode, we heard about a scientific way to predict caregiver (or candidate) likelihood to stay on the job. A company called AgileBrain can predict how long a caregiver candidate is likely to stay and give you early warning about existing caregivers' likelihood to quit. 

How it works is explained in the latest episode of the Home Care Heroes and Day Service Stars Podcast.  You can subscribe and listen on your favorite Podcast Player (like Apple, Google, Spotify, Stitcher or others, or you can listen right here:

Recruiting and Retention Success with AI

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If you'd like great software for your home care, day services or disability services business, please reach out to us for more information or assistance.

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