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Why EVV is Like Goldilocks and the Three Bears

bulls-eye-1044725_1280I would guess a fair amount of us remember the children's story of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" and along with it, the notion of something being "too hot", "too cold" or "Just Right."

This dynamic is often used as a metaphor for any number of subjects, including the concept of a "Goldilocks Planet." That is, a planet that is the "Just Right" distance away from its sun so that it is habitable for human life and it is not "Too Hot" or "Too Cold" to sustain life on it.

The Goldilocks and the Three Bears metaphor works well to describe how folks in home care tend to view EVV. More on that later, but to start, here's a bit more about how the EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) transition process unfolds:

To start, if you aren't fully familiar with what EVV is, how it works, and why it matters, you can check out this 90-second video for more information:

How the Transition to EVV for Home Care Often Unfolds

We've found that in the early days of the transition to EVV for home care in pretty much every state goes through a handful of unofficial  phases throughout the process:

  • Phase I: We're thankful to any agency who has submitted transactions
  • Phase II: We need to nudge the agencies that aren't submitting any transactions
  • Phase III: Submitting transactions isn't good enough. Now we need compliance
  • Phase IV: Time to be hard on the outliers and show that we're really looking

Three Views of EVV from Providers

Now for the "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" metaphor: We found that agencies tend to take one of the three views on EVV:

  1. The Hands-off view: My agency shouldn't have to worry about EVV, just submit it for me
  2. The Hands-on view: Caregivers will never be perfect, but I have to review closely and help the repeat offenders get on board
  3. The Anguished view: Any visit that's not accepted with perfect EVV will likely have its payment revoked

This is an editorial article and we can't definitively tell you which one is right, but we do have the opinion that "The hands On view" is best. 

We worry that the "hands-off agencies" think that there's no way there will every be any consequences while at the same time they are providing the evidence that they don't take EVV seriously. 

We love the agencies who are demanding perfection, because they help us as an EVV vendor to strive for perfection, but in our hearts we don't expect that funds will be revoked for occasional EVV errors.  At the risk of sounding like "The story of the three bears," we believe that the Hands on view is "just right."

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