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Community Demographics are a Key Indicator of Care Transition Success

By | on 29, Apr 2014 |

Ankota recently hosted Dr. Marc Greenwald on our monthly webinar on Care Transitions Best Practices.  Dr. Greenwald shared his experiences from running successful care transitions programs in several [...]

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Will Fingerprinting be a Deterrent Against Home Health Fraud?

By | on 24, Apr 2014 |   Home Care Industry Home Care Best Practices Managing Post Acute Care

Elizabeth Hogue is an attorney who specializes in the home health industry. Her email articles alwaus present a well-written, no-nonsence representation of the facts.  She also holds seminars on how t[...]

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Putting the Wind Back Into Your Home Care Sales

By | on 21, Apr 2014 |   Home Care Entrepreneurship Private Duty Agency Software Home Care Best Practices

I'll have to see if the "bad pun" title works or not, but this is a serious topic.

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Pharmacist-Led Care Transitions: Good or Bad for Home Health?

By | on 15, Apr 2014 |   Readmissions Care Coordination transitional care Care Transitions

Walgreens Pharmacy has instituted a pharmacist-led care transitions program called WellTransitions® and they are posting impressive results.  According to a Business Wire Press Release on April 4th, 2[...]

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Care Transitions Must-Read: Raising the Bar for Elderly Care At Home

By | on 13, Apr 2014 |   Elderly Care Health Care Reform Care Coordination thought leadership transitional care home monitoring

I generally read fifteen to twenty articles about advancements in elderly care each week, then I choose the two that I believe will be most interesting to the Ankota blog audience (mostly home health [...]

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Four Challenges for Home Care Start-ups (and How to Overcome Them)

By | on 09, Apr 2014 |   Home Care Entrepreneurship Starting a Home Care Business Elderly Care Home Care Blogs

In yet another great post from Home Care Consultant Ginny Kenyon, she clearly articluates four challenges for home care start-ups.  The chalenges are enumerated here and more detailed remedies are ava[...]

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NPR is Singing from the Care Transitions Hymnal: Beth-Israel Boston

By | on 08, Apr 2014 |   Readmissions Health Care Reform Care Transitions

When I'm in the car, I generally flip the radio between WEEI (Boston sports talk and "The Red Sox Radio Network") and WBUR (Boston's NPR station).  I love listening to a lot of the stories on NPR thou[...]

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Home Care Marketing - Make Your Phone Ring!

By | on 03, Apr 2014 |   Home Care Entrepreneurship Marketing Home Care Home Care Best Practices

Home care consultant and my friend, Ginny Kenyon, published a great piece in her blog entitled Home Health Marketing Ideas to Make Your Agency's Phone Ring.  What I loved about the article is that it [...]

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Home Health Should Keep the Elderly out of the Emergency Room

By | on 01, Apr 2014 |   Readmissions Elderly Care Care Transitions

I came across a great New York Times article that I'd encourage all of you to read, entitled Emergency Rooms are No Place for the Elderly.  My first thought was "Amen," but until I read the article in[...]

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