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3 Tips for Improving Your Home Care Agency's Marketing and Sales

blue-funnel-946886_640.jpgIn her article, Move the Funnel to a Loop: 3 Ways that Marketing’s Role in Healthcare Must Change and Why  Erinne Kovi Dyer offers 3 suggestions for how to build and maintain your sales funnel in Healthcare.  I feel that the topics and approach Kovi Dyer presents in the piece are in alignment with and helpful to those in the home care and home health space.  

I suggest that you read the entire article,but one passage from the article really stood out for me:

"Your goal is not to sell – it’s to communicate and engage. Everyone in the health system is a steward of the customer journey, an advocate for patient experiences at every step. To successfully engage consumers and build loyalty, you need to be an empathic educator, an innovative communicator and a masterful collaborator both within your organization and your community."

Again, please read the article in order to get the full picture, but as a start, here are the three tips covered in the piece:

  • Start thinking differently about our roles, our tools, our capabilities, our skills and our teams.

  • Work just as vigorously to retain and engage patients as we do to “fill the funnel” with new patients.

  • Commit to understanding the goals of the system and establish partnerships from within (and from the outside) in order to make them a reality.

 What are your thoughts?  Are their any tips or suggestions that you would add to the list?  Please feel free to leave a comment in our comment section!

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