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6 Tips for Success in Home Care From Stephen Tweed

Stephen_Tweed-2015Stephen Tweed, of Leading Home Care, wrote a post entitled, Lessons from the Private Duty Field Trip, that outlines 6 key takeaways gleaned from extensive conversations with over 100 successful private duty agencies across the nation.  

I highly suggest that you read the full article and watch the video there, but as a start, here are 6 elements that Stephen's research determined are some key ways to grow a private duty home care agency:

Have a Huge Vision

Be a Systems Thinker

Try Lots of New Things

There is a Season for Everything


Hire a COO

Measure Everything

Take a look at the full article and let us know if you would add a 7th point to that list.

On a related note, our free white paper, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Private-Duty Home Care Agencies offers folks a look at some Best Practices of what we've found successful private duty home care agencies possess. 


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