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Ankota's Book of the Year: The Checklist Manifesto

By | on 31, Jan 2011 |   Recommended Reading Elderly Care Checklists

Before January is over (and yes this is hours away) we wanted to take care of unfinished business for 2010 and one exciting part is to name our book of the year.  The winner for 2010 is The Checklist [...]

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Need to Educate Home Care Workers about Technologies that Can Help

By | on 27, Jan 2011 |   Aging in Place Technology Home Healthcare Delivery Management home care software geek Elderly Care

Some blog articles take a long time to research and others just pop into my inbox.  Today aging in place expert (and my friend) Laurie Orlov shared the news of a study regarding caregivers and technol[...]

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Overcoming Compassion Fatigue is Critical for Home Care Workers

By | on 25, Jan 2011 |   Elderly Care Home Care Best Practices Healthy Caregivers

I've recently read a number of articles about compassion fatigue.  In short, people who focus their lives on caring for others are succeptible to become tired and less compassionate.  Compassion fatig[...]

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Challenges for Home Health Care in 2011

By | on 20, Jan 2011 |   Health Care Reform Home Care Industry Elderly Care Home Care Best Practices

As a follow up to yesterday's post on the opportunities for home health care in 2011, today we bring you a compilation of challenges for home health care in 2011 from industry expert Stephen Tweed.  T[...]

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Opportunities for Home Health Care in 2011

By | on 19, Jan 2011 |   Health Care Reform transitional care Home Care Industry Home Care Best Practices

In his first newsletter for 2011, Home health care expert Stephen Tweed shared a compilation of opportunities and challenges for home health care in 2011.  Below we share the opportunities, and tomorr[...]

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Home Care Nurses Don't Know Everything...

By | on 13, Jan 2011 |   Home Care Best Practices

One of the services that we provide on the Ankota blog is to share with you some of the interesting writing that we find from others in home care.  We believe that doing this has numerous positive res[...]

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Managing Home Care in a Snow Emergency

By | on 12, Jan 2011 |   Home Healthcare Delivery Management Home Care Best Practices

I'm just bad luck...  Last year around this time I had to cut short a trip with Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia when they shut down the office to manage a Blizzard, and yesterday [...]

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