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Overcoming Compassion Fatigue is Critical for Home Care Workers

By | on 25, Jan 2011 |   Healthy Caregivers Elderly Care Home Care Best Practices

I've recently read a number of articles about compassion fatigue. In short, people who focus their lives on caring for others are succeptible to become tired and less compassionate. Compassion fatigue[...]

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Freakonomics Author to Home Care: Redefine the Problem

By | on 13, Oct 2010 |   Healthy Caregivers Home Care Industry Elderly Care thought leadership

In the past, if I was having trouble falling asleep at night, thinking about economics might have been the answer (counting sheep is economics), but that all changed after I read a book a few years ag[...]

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Reducing Home Care Nurse and Caregiver Burnout

By | on 21, Jul 2010 |   Healthy Caregivers Elderly Care

Does this picture of a caregiver remind you of yourself or someone on your staff? Home healthcare nurses, private duty caregivers, and other home care providers often work long shifts and deal with ad[...]

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Expert Nutrition Advice from KC Hayes: Home Care Bonus

By | on 19, Jul 2010 |   Healthy Caregivers Elderly Care Home Care Best Practices thought leadership

Over the past few years, I've gotten to know a very nice and interesting gentleman named KC Hayes. KC is a PHD Nutritionist and a professor at Brandeis University. One of KC's claims to fame is that h[...]

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