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Don't Let Being a Home Care Exec Melt You Down

By | on 04, Apr 2011 |   Home Care Entrepreneurship Healthy Caregivers Private Duty Agency Software Home Health Aide Software Home Care Best Practices thought leadership Home Healthcare Delivery Management HME DME Home Care Technology Will Hicklen Home Therapy Home Care Scheduling Software Leadership Learning

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Overcoming Compassion Fatigue is Critical for Home Care Workers

By | on 25, Jan 2011 |   Healthy Caregivers Elderly Care Home Care Best Practices

I've recently read a number of articles about compassion fatigue.  In short, people who focus their lives on caring for others are succeptible to become tired and less compassionate.  Compassion fatig[...]

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Home Care Agencies Need Insurance for Employee Cars

By | on 06, Dec 2010 |   Healthy Caregivers Elderly Care New York State HCP

Today's post comes from the publication InPro Outlook (volume I, No.4, Fall 2010) published by the New York State Home Care Providers (NYSHCP).  The topic seemed relevant beyond New York state so we'r[...]

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12 Instant Health Boosts for Home Care Recipients and Caregivers

By | on 20, Oct 2010 |   Healthy Caregivers Elderly Care Home Care Best Practices

The road to recovery, or better health and quality of life for a home care recipient or caregiver starts with a single step, so today we're happy to share a list of little instant ways you can boost y[...]

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Freakonomics Author to Home Care: Redefine the Problem

By | on 13, Oct 2010 |   Healthy Caregivers Home Care Industry Elderly Care thought leadership

In the past, if I was having trouble falling asleep at night, thinking about economics might have been the answer (counting sheep is economics), but that all changed after I read a book a few years ag[...]

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25 Lessons for Managing your Home Care Workforce

By | on 30, Sep 2010 |   Healthy Caregivers Home Care Best Practices

I usually don't share 25 of anything, but these are quick and great lessons for home care managers.  The original author, Tamsen S McMahon, introduces her article by recounting that early in her caree[...]

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Home Care Workers Benefit from Antioxidants

By | on 10, Aug 2010 |   Healthy Caregivers Elderly Care thought leadership

When discussing home care technology, this blog is on the leading edge, but unfortunately on the subject of nutrition, I often find myself behind the curve.  So writing about nutrition is intended not[...]

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Why Home Care is a Great Job: Lessons About Motivation

By | on 30, Jul 2010 |   Healthy Caregivers Elderly Care thought leadership Video

Daniel H. Pink is the author of four provocative books about the changing world of work — including the New York Times bestsellers, A Whole New Mind and Drive, which together have been translated into[...]

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Reducing Home Care Nurse and Caregiver Burnout

By | on 21, Jul 2010 |   Healthy Caregivers Elderly Care

Does this picture of a caregiver remind you of yourself or someone on your staff?  Home healthcare nurses, private duty caregivers, and other home care providers often work long shifts and deal with a[...]

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Expert Nutrition Advice from KC Hayes: Home Care Bonus

By | on 19, Jul 2010 |   Healthy Caregivers Elderly Care Home Care Best Practices thought leadership

Over the past few years, I've gotten to know a very nice and interesting gentleman named KC Hayes.  KC is a PHD Nutritionist and a professor at Brandeis University.  One of KC's claims to fame is that[...]

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