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Longevity is More Related to Health Than to Age

old-age-957492__340.jpgUniversity of Chicago Study recently concluded that age is not the best predictor of mortality, and instead you should look at the person's healthMore specifically the study looked at mobility, sensory function, mental health and healthy behaviors and concluded that a sedentary isolated 75-year old with a bad diet might be closer to death than an 85-year old salad-eating person who walks with friends everyday.  The study implies that mobility and social engagement are better indicators of longevity than blood pressure and cholesterol.

Sadly, a related NPR story is concluding that baby boomers (the oldest of whom are 70) are going to be sicker seniors that earlier generations.  The NPR story covers a study by the United Health Foundation that compared the 50-64 year old population of today with the same demographic in 1999.  They found significantly more diabetes and obesity, and predicts that 9 percent fewer boomers are going to be likely to report good or excellent health.

What Does this Mean for Home Care?

Based on the above studies, I'd be inclined to search for a home care provider who is going to get my loved one moving and socializing.  Taking this to more of a basic level, you need to be able to answer the question "Why should I choose your agency?"  We've seen and admired agencies who differentiate because of their focus on fall prevention, and seen some agencies who differentiate by providing special treats on holidays.  Your differentiation should ideally be something that you're passionate about.  First and foremost, make sure to differentiate some way

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