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Top 5 Reasons Caregivers Choose to Work for a Home Care Agency

I started working in home care around 2010 and at one of the first industry events I went to, I met a great guy named Aaron Marcum whose company is called Home Care Pulse.  They set out to do a home care benchmarking study so agencies can see how they stack up to their peers.  The survey itself and Aaron's company have been highly successful and I recently saw Aaron give a keynote presentation at the Decision Health Private Duty Conference.

In his presentation, Aaron focused on caregivers with a special focus on retaining the best caregivers.  Among the topics that he covered (and broke down be region) were recruitment sources, caregiver engagement scores, caregiver turnover reasons, caregiver recognition, overtime pay, wages and benefits.

Top 5 Reasons a Caregiver Chooses a Home Care Agency

One point that I found interesting was the top 5 reasons a caregiver chooses to work for a provider, as shown in the following chart.


In this case, the regional differences were not particularly pronounced, so I think it's useful for all of us to look at these top five sources:

  1. Good Working Environment and Benefits - Number 1 Reason

  2. Working Schedule Met Lifestyle

  3. Company Good Reputation

  4. Company Was Recommended to Them (Peer Referrals)

  5. First Job Applied For - Speaks to Growth in the Market


A Plug for Home Care Pulse

Clearly, Home Care Pulse is making an impact on home care, helping agencies learn and improve.  In addition to their annual survey, they also offer a certification program and a satisfaction management program, and since they're all about the metrics, they have clear evidence that agencies using their satisfaction management program are more successful.  You can learn more about home care pulse at www.homecarepulse.com

What Else Are Successful Agencies doing?

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