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3 Ways to increase Missouri Medicaid EMOMED Reimbursement

By | on 28, Jan 2019 |   Home Health home care technologies Missouri

The Missouri Medicaid program is administered by EMOMED, which stands for Electronic Missouri Medicaid. Like all Managed Care Medicaid programs, EMOMED strives to make sure that your claims are clean [...]

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When You Deliver the Maximum Authorized Medicaid Home Care, Everybody Wins

By | on 24, Jan 2019 |   Home Health electronic medical records home care technologies medicaid

We've had the chance to meet and work with hundreds of home care agency owners and one thing that we've observed is that the majority of owners started their agencies because they have a skill and a h[...]

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A 4 Point Check List for Clean Medicaid Home Care Claims

By | on 22, Jan 2019 |   Home Health electronic medical records EVV home care technologies medicaid

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PA Medicaid Home Care goes to the MCO Model to achieve EVV

By | on 17, Jan 2019 |   Home Health electronic medical records EVV home care technologies medicaid

As of January, the majority of Pennsylvania's home care providers will move from the historical state Medicaid program, PA Promise, to the managed care model. The state has outsourced the management o[...]

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How Artificial Intelligence is Helping Providers Deliver Cutting-Edge Care

By | on 10, Sep 2018 |   Home Health home care technologies indoor air quality monitor indoor pollution home air quality monitor

The healthcare and technology industries have always been closely connected through their constant research and innovation as well as their abilities to address a variety of human concerns.

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Home Care Combined with Healthcare can be Transformative

By | on 01, Jan 2018 |   Home Care Best Practices Home Care Care Transitions Home Health

The landscape for the home care market has always been shaped by the available reimbursement for care. This won't change, but the care models of the future will evolve and will move to a model that re[...]

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