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Who, What,When, Where, Why & How Of An Excellent Homecare Startup

 One of the industry experts I learn from every time we speak is Ginny Kenyon, principal at Kenyon Home Care Consulting.  Ginny helps open home care agencies and has given Ankota great inputs on our software.  We at Ankota strongly believe that keeping elderly people healthy and comfortable in their homes (and out of the hospital) is an important step in the evolution of healthcare.  Ginny is one of the pioneers driving moves in home health delivery.  Enjoy her post (below).

Imagine embarking on a homecare startup and not hitting a single bump in the road. Or expanding your services and growing your business to a level of success you never dreamed possible. While it’s nearly impossible not to encounter any issues during a startup or growth process, there are ways to help things run more smoothly.homecare startup

Six Crucial Factors of a Successful Homecare Startup

Whether you’re starting from scratch, adding a location, or expanding your services, to-do lists can quickly become overwhelming. And when that happens, progress falters. Consider the “who, what, when, where, why, and how” of an excellent homecare startup, and you’ll be on your way.

The Who 

Any successful entrepreneur knows a big part of achieving your dreams is surrounding yourself with the right people. These friends, colleagues or experts encourage, provide advice, guide, and point out when you’re headed in the wrong direction.

How does that relate to a homecare startup? You need a support system to get through the road bumps of this tedious process. Here are a few people to include in that support system:

  • An experienced consultant. Someone who knows the homecare industry inside and out. Assists with planning, marketing, hiring, setting realistic goals and more.

  • Professional referral sources. Medical professionals who provide knowledge, advice and become excellent sources for future referrals. Get to know them by networking.

  • An elite staff. A must have for any leader— a productive, knowledgeable, efficient team.

The What 

Now that you know who you need for a successful homecare startup, it’s time to discuss what you need. This is a line of attack— a business plan, a marketing plan, and an operational plan. Let’s break that down a bit.

Getting started on the right foot is all about strategic planning and developing. Begin with market research to determine how you should go about getting ready to launch. Next, create a business plan and include the following:

  • Operational and systems development

  • Methods for staff recruitment, training, development, and retention

  • Marketing plan, support and analysis

  • Branding, website development, logo design, etc.

  • Funding details

The When

When do you start each step of the homecare startup process? The simple answer is now! But to be more specific, start getting the word out about your homecare agency, new services, or new location as soon as you set a launch date. It’s important to get people in your community excited about what you’ll be offering so they can brainstorm ways to get involved.

Next, firm up the specifics of your business plan. Do your research, lay out details, and set precise time frames. The more structure you establish upfront the better. With your plan in place, you can begin looking for experienced staff.

The Where 

Determining where your new agency will be located may be tough. You want to make sure the demographics are right and that there’s a legitimate need for your services in the chosen area.

To help with this decision, conduct a competitive analysis to evaluate the competition. Always investigate industry trends and learn what services are needed in your market.

The Why

Remember your “why.” What’s the motivation behind starting a homecare organization, expanding your reach, or adding specialized services? Remind yourself daily of the reasons you’re working hard to reach your goals. Doing this gives the push you need to get a running start and the confidence you need to grow your organization.

The How 

The details that could be included with the “how” are vast. But when learning how to complete a successful homecare startup, the key is to take the process one step at a time. Plan thoroughly, spread the word, grow your support system, seek expert advice and then get to work!

Experienced Consultants and Your Homecare Startup

At Kenyon HomeCare Consulting, we know all about the “who, what, when, where, why, and how” of a homecare startup or expansion project. We go beyond the basics to give the kind of service that drives your agency toward success, including experience in:

Reach out to us today, and let’s see what we can accomplish together! 

This article, originally entitled, WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY & HOW OF AN EXCELLENT HOMECARE STARTUP, first appeared in Kenyon HomeCare Consulting blog.


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