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Industry Stats

The Home Healthcare Market and Home Care Industry Statistics

  • Currently 12 million patients and more than 428 million patient visits each year.1
  • There are 35,000+ companies in the US.1
  • Home Healthcare providers drove more than 5 billion miles in 2008.1
  • By 2011, 50% growth among employees is expected.1
  • About 70 % of those using home healthcare services are age 65 and older. In this age group, the most common medical conditions requiring home care are: heart disease, diabetes, and cerebral vascular diseases.2
  • Over 1/3 of the persons requiring in-home care are under age 60, availing assistance for rehabilitation, are disabled, or have chronic health conditions, often requiring patient aids for assistance.2
  • A majority, 80 %, of those over age 60, choose to live independently, in comfort and with an enhanced quality of life.2
  • The rise in sport injuries, home, and vehicle accidents has increased the need for in-home care about 10 times.2
  • About 8 million of the elderly population have some form of disability requiring assistance, and often have some hospital furniture at home to help them. This number is projected to be 15 million by 2020.2

Home Health Market will increase as:

  • Patients are discharged from the hospital earlier.
  • US population ages. For women it’s 80 years; men - 74 years. In the coming thirty years, the American population over 65 years of age will double to 70 million.2
  • More conditions are treated at home.
  • Treatments for chronic conditions become even more complex.

General Heathcare Industry: Labor3

  • By 2010, the growth in the demand for healthcare occupations will be twice that of other non-health occupations.
  • 90% of Long Term care organizations lack sufficient nurse staffing to provide even the most basic care.
  • Home Health agencies are often forced to refuse new admissions (due to lack of labor).
  • High cost of nursing turnover contributes to lower bottom lines. Recent report from VHA Inc, a healthcare provider alliance, finds the cost of filling a vacated nursing position is about 100% of that nurse’s salary

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