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5 Ways You Know It's Time to Fire a Home Care Client

We generally take a glass-half-full perspective on things here at the Ankota blog.  By means of example and comparison, we recently did a post on how to make the best of your relationship with your softwarAaron-Marcum.pnge vendor.  In that post we challenged home care owners to think about the way that their clients treat them and whether those relationships are good for both parties.

Aaron Marcum, the CEO and founder of Home Care Pulse addressed this topic more directly and from the glass-half-empty perspective in his post entitled, 5 Reasons to Let Go of a Home Care Client.  His preamble gives reasons that you might be rationalizing keeping the client, but he talks about the value of being able to focus on clients who are aligned with your vision.

5 Reasons to Fire a Home Care Client

Aaron's article elaborates on each of the points below and I'd encourage you to read it.  His five points are as follows:

  1. Very Demanding and Never Satisfied

  2. Want Everything for Nothing

  3. Rude, Disrespectful, or Abusive

  4. Not the Right Fit

  5. Always late on Payments


Over time, Ankota has had clients that abused their relationship with us.  At first we put up with it, but eventually, we learned that these customers aren't worth working with, and we confronted them.  In a couple of cases, they apologized and committed to a more fair relationship, and in other cases, we parted ways so we can focus on our mission and to provide the best service we can to clients who treat us fairly and with respect.

Does Your Agency Offer Care Transition Services as a Source of Competitive Differentiation?

At Ankota, we believe in providing our customers and folks in the industry content that we hope they find useful, such as this blog.  A theme that comes up often these days in comments and conversations is how to differentiate home care agencies in the marketplace.

One particular area that Ankota recommends for differentiation is managing a care transition program within your agency.  We see this as being very important because there will be a day in the not too distant future when hospitals and health plans engage home care agencies in helping prevent avoidable hospitalizations for their at-risk populations.  By starting a care transitions program now, you will establish a track record for your agency as a strong player in the continuum of care.  We talk more about this in our white paper "Why Care Transitions is the Next Big Thing for Home Care"

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