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Do You Have Strong Landing Pages on Your Home Care Agency Web Site?

Your home care web site is a critical marketing tool for your agency.  We've blogged about this a lot in the past, so as a refresher, here are a few prior articles that you may want to take a look at:



For today's post, we dive a bit deeper and focus on the "Landing Page," or pages in your blog.  Landing Pages are the place on your web site where potential customers give you their information in exchange for a valuable offer that you make to them.  In the most traditional sense, it could be your "Contact Us" page, but it could also be a bit more of an enticing offer like "Our 5 Step Guide to Choosing a Home Care Agency for Your Parent."

Landing Page Best Practices

If a prospective client or their family member comes to one of your landing pages, you've done something right!  You've interested them in your offer!  But you're not out of the woods yet!  You need them to fill out your form.  The percentage of visitors to your landing page who fill out a form is your "conversion rate."

The company Zerys (www.zerys.com) shared this infographic of 4 Landing Page Mistakes that Wreck Conversion Rates.  We're happy to share it here:


In addition to the tips from Zerys, other suggestions include removing the other navigation buttons from your landing page, and setting it up so that the information entered goes directly into your home care software as a lead (we provide this service at Ankota).

If you have best practices or lessons learned about home care websites, please share them in the comments below.

For other home care best practices, we offer a free white paper called the  7 Habits of Highly Effective Private Duty Home Care Agencies.  If you click on the link above or the picture of the document below you'll come to one of our landing pages.  We hope you'll convert!

If you're interested in learning more about our home care management software solutions, or about our Care Transitions component as a way to increase revenue, just click the button below: 



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