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Home Care Agencies with a Marketing Rep Earn $700K More Per Year

Eran_More_Life_Hack_Ankota_Homecare_BlogThere's a company called Home Care Pulse that performs an annual benchmark study of non-medical home care agencies.  Some of those results were attended in a webinar that I attended with Steve "the Hurricane" from Hurricane Marketing Enterprises.  We've shared several stories based on this webinar including the following:

Today's post can be considered a sequel to the "1 Thing You Need to Do..." story listed above. 

Here's the data: 


As you can see, agencies with a marketing representative are averaging $1.97M in revenue, whereas those who don't are earning 1.29M in revenue.

What Would the Marketing Rep Do?

Steve has a relatively simple equation that says you want to make one marketing touch point for every hour in the week - 40 touches a week, with a focus on the power partners who can refer to you (like CCRCs, Hospice, Home Care, etc.). Steve points out that your marketing rep (or you if your primary job as owner is to do marketing) shouldn't drive to 40 different locations to meet people, but instead when you go to a facility like assisted living, that you should talk to 3 or 4 people there for a couple of minutes each.

How Much Would a Marketing Rep Cost?

Steve shared in the webinar, that on average a marketing rep is paid $50K per year.  The math, therefore is pretty compelling (adding $50K in cost can reap $700K in return), but Steve also noted that it takes time to establish relationships and that it will take some time before adding a marketing rep will deliver a positive return.

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